Our Work

At Bush Tinker we work round the clock using design research approach, technology, and innovation to bring sustainable solution to everyday people and community challenges.



COVID-19 Info-Memes

COVID-19- Info-Memes will  summarize credible facts and government press releases and other authenticated  information on Corona Virus in  a meme style. We want to sensitize social media users on Corona Virus and at the same time make them smile or even laugh while learning about Corona Virus. We know that, with a global COVID-19 pandemic there is a lot of fear and misinformation circulating social media. Hence, why we designed COVID-19 Info-Memes to sensitize people with credible info mixed with some bright humor to make them smile.  


Gap Tracker SL

Bush Tinker in collaboration with other partner organizations developed Gap Tracker because we strongly believe that citizens have the capacity to continually guide stakeholders to better respond to COVID-19 response effort in Sierra Leone. Knowing the power of citizens’ voice in supporting better response delivery, Gap Tracker support stakeholders to make informed decision on COVID-19 community response efforts; by taking action on citizens’ voice through data.